Buma India - faqs
What does BUMA® do?

Where does BUMA® buy their building materials?

Does BUMA® provide warranty for their products?

Do I have to be a builder to buy BUMA® products?

What are the different kinds of products BUMA® offer?

How does BUMA® integrate work with our designers and design team?

What are BUMA’s delivery timelines?

Does BUMA® provide doorstep delivery?

How does BUMA® charge for your products and services?

Does BUMA® do installations?

What happens if products delivered by BUMA® are not up to my expectations in terms of quality?

What is BUMA® friendly refund policy?

What happens if my products get damaged during shipment?

Where do I buy BUMA® products from?

I have a very small house or room to renovate. How can BUMA® help me?

My project requirements are huge. How can BUMA® help me?

Do BUMA® products have fire resistance characteristics?

Do BUMA® products come with any Quality Certifications?

How are BUMA® products different from its competitors?