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At BUMA®, our endeavor is to provide clients with finest quality and designs of building material supplies. We invest in each of our projects beyond sales with guidance on material sciences to ensure enhanced durability of your construction, one that accomplishes yours and your designers vision.

Description Implementation - way 1 Implementation - way 2
Step one - description
This example show the simplest way to implement Dynamic Step Process Panels.

- 3 steps (width configurable in css),
- first step selected,
- step-by-step mode,
- previous and next buttons,
- step labels,
- every step can be choosed again,
- fade effect speed 1 second,
- style green-blue
Step two - implementation way 1
All you got to do is insert WordPress shortcode, with specified id (defined in admin panel). For this example looks like this:

[dspp id='example1']
Step two - implementation way 2
You can also use different way of implementation, using [dspp_old], [dspp_panel], [dspp_step] and [dspp_content] shortcodes. For this example looks like this:

[dspp_step href='#content1' label='1']Description[/dspp_step]
[dspp_step href='#content2' label='2']Implementation - way 1[/dspp_step]
[dspp_step href='#content3' label='3']Implementation - way 2[/dspp_step]
[dspp_content id='content1']content for step 1[/dspp_content]
[dspp_content id='content2']content for step 2[/dspp_content]
[dspp_content id='content3']content for step 3[/dspp_content]
  1. All our projects commerce with an audit of all your requirements
  2. Our experts in liaison with you and your designer, proceed with short listing the materials, best suited to your style and budgets and most importantly your materials durability in natural environment.
  3. On an initial sign-off, we will revert with a final no-regret proposal.
  4. After final sign off and completion of paperwork, our team of specialists who best understand your requirements will initiate and overlook the production process.
  5. Produced goods go through thorough international lab testing for certification and quality standard adherence inspection.
  6. Only products that match BUMA® best in class quality will be delivered to your doorstep or as you may choose it to be