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FLORIMA® – Flooring Solutions

While the first interaction with space is visual, the first physical connection happens when you step on the floor. The floor acts as the intimate foundation on which the whole interior architecture is built. Flooring is expected to gracefully withstand the constant use while preserving its pre-eminent qualities. To address this special bond we initiated FLORIMATM, to provide premium floorings and floor finishes with high durability and contemporary outlook.

FLORIMA®, as a derivation of ‘floor’ and BUMA®, goes through various quality control tests and is available with situational admixtures to make them sturdy and all-weather resistant. Our holistic approach to flooring is not viewing it as a single material application, but is more towards a vision to consolidate all kinds of flooring ranging from a wide variety of porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, realistic wooden laminates, natural stones, engineered wood to name a few, along with different materials and techniques, all under one roof.


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